Unsaturated Orthophthalic Polyester Resin

General Description

Orthophthalic Polyester Resin is an Ortho-Phthalic acid based resin with low viscosity, medium reactivity and gel time. It offers a cost and performance benefit with good mechanical properties.

Main Resin Characteristic

  • Low styrene emission
  • Non thixotropic
  • Non promoted

Applications and Uses

Due to its good overall handling and mechanical properties, ortho resin is used with great success in the following industrial applications

  • Polymer concrete products
  • Tiles for roofs
  • Bathrooms accessories
  • GRP, FRP and RTRP Pipes
  • Decorative works
  • Tanks
  • Tabletops
  • Pultrusion for FRP Products
  • Casting

Moulding Information

  • Filament Winding
  • Hand lay up
  • Spray up